Our Free Services: Space Planning, Workspace Assessment & Concept Designs


How We Can Help You to Plan Your Next Move

Whether you think that your next move involves relocating to a new building, redesigning the space you already occupy, or you’re still deciding, we offer support with planning:

1. Growth – We’ve helped many clients optimise the space they’re in – giving room to grow and saving time, costs and resources. By analysing existing space and IT layouts, we are able to make the best decision for your organisation.

2. How you work now – Many companies have very little idea how to effectively address the problems they face with their existing workspace or plan for the future. By conducting a comprehensive workplace assessment, we will take into account your existing layout, your business needs for the future, and develop a plan that best supports your needs. Our workplace assessment will give you a clear understanding of how to proceed with your office fit out project.

3. Designs – It is very difficult to envision a new office space without having a visual or a basic design concept. We offer a complimentary concept design service.

4. IT Audit  – This is the most important part. If you have already decided that, you need to relocate, you may want to know whether your existing IT can be used in your new space. Our IT knowledge and  specialists will conduct a detailed audit on your existing IT. We will consider the physicality,  functionality of each piece to devise a bespoke plan to best support your needs.

Ark Infrastructure oversee the entire building process from the concept through to completion.

We offer Space Planning and Workspace Assessment to support all prospective clients with each stage of their office changes ranging from relocation and fit out.

We believe that our knowledge is unique by being originally a cable company. This  has led to our and expertise and understanding of how buildings work and  can benefit both individuals and companies to maximise their office journey.

Take the Journey with us

Whether you are on a relocation or refurbishment road it can be a very stressful time but with forward planning you can minimise disruption and costs and maximise efficiency and profits.