Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Personal Computer & Laptop Repair Service

It is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly read through the following terms and conditions before signing.

  1. Ark Infrastructure Ltd WILL NOT be responsible for any data, emails, settings all or any programs etc on any machine left for repair or inspection. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up the data prior to leaving the machine for repair.
  2. When reloading software it is not our policy to replace any software other than the operating system.
  3. All notes documented when the job is booked in are for internal guidance only and are not intended to be interpreted by the customer as a guarantee of the nature of work to be carried out.
  4. Repairs are to be paid for on collection. Ark Infrastructure Ltd does not extend credit.
  5. Any parts or accessories specifically ordered for a customer will be subject to a minimum 50% deposit.
  6. Warranties. All our new machines carry a full twelve months parts and labour warranty. Second hand, refurbished products and repairs carry a 90 day warranty (repair warranty only covers the specific repair). These are return to base warranties. Our warranties do not extend to software, viruses or other similar faults; we will charge for repairs of this kind.
  7. On collection of the machine the customer should allow approx 15 minutes in order to allow a full test and/or demonstration of the machine prior to release.
  8. Successful repairs will be subject to our minimum charges. PC’s: £69.00: Laptops: £99.Screen and inlet repairs are subject to specific charges and may alter the look of the machine. There is no charge for failed or refused PC repairs; laptops will be subject to a £25 inspection fee whatever the outcome. These fees are subject to VAT.
  9. All items should be collected within four weeks of a diagnosis or repair being carried out. If after making reasonable attempts to contact you within or after this time the item(s) remain uncollected, we reserve the right to dispose of or scrap such items in lieu of any inspection, repair and storage fees due.

Terms and Conditions for Provision of On Site Service

  1. All engineer time spent on site is charged for at £35.00 per half hour, or part thereof, plus VAT.
  2. Engineer time spent off site, for example obtaining parts or on a lunch break, will not be charged for.
  3. Any parts supplied will be covered by the usual 12 month warranty for new parts and 90 day warranty for second user and refurbished parts; however all warranties are back to base only and any call out required to diagnose and replace any potential faulty parts on site will be charged for at the usual rate. If you return the part(s) to our store within the warranty period no charge will be made for diagnosis or testing.
  4. While we take the utmost of care with your equipment we cannot accept any liability for loss of data, settings or configuration that may occur, nor will we be responsible for any consequential loss you may suffer as a result.
  5. To save the engineer time, we recommend you have readily available any user names, passwords, or similar information that may be required. It is sometimes not possible to proceed without this information and a charge will be made.
  6. Any hardware requiring installation should be present and accompanied by their installation software. This includes peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and music players.
  7. If complications are encountered it may be impractical for the engineer to continue working on site and they may advise you that a workshop repair would be more appropriate. Any engineers time spent on site must still be paid for and there may be additional labour charges incurred by the workshop repair; you will be advised of these additional charges once a diagnosis has been carried out.
  8. The total balance due for all labour and parts is to be paid to the engineer once the job is complete before the engineer leaves. We accept payment by cash or cheque, or the engineer can telephone a credit or debit card payment through to the store during store opening hours.
  9. Should there be any accidental damage whilst the engineer is on the premises it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have their own appropriate insurance. Ark Infrastructure Ltd WILL NOT be responsible for any data, emails, settings or programs, software etc on any machine It is the customer’s responsibility to back up the data.